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What is a domain marketplace?

A domain marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell domains

But on SHORTEN WORLD we are offering Domain Marketplace for rent where you can rent a domain name or list a domain name for rent

Domain marketplace for rent

Sellers can list their domains for rent (for lease) at a certain price, then buyers can rent it to do other services on SHORTEN WORLD PLATFORM like: Shorten URL, create link-in-bio (Bio page)...

Domain marketplaces can be a great way to use hundred or even thousand domain names to spread/ backlink your brands easier and faster

Some domain names are free but some premium domain names with high value have fee which you need to deposit some dollar or Bitcoin to rent them

To find your great domain? Check out our domain marketplace or learn how to list your domains for sale in it

Is your domain name valuable?

You might have a domain which people want. There are a few key factors that could give your domain value:

  • They contain generic terminology and keywords
  • They are short and easy to remember
  • They are of interest to a wide selection of prospective customers or businesses
  • They support SEO and SEM strategies
  • They support brand & marketing strategies
  • Domains linked to recent events

To sell a domain name you need to wait a long time, about some years to more than 10 years

During that time you have to pay domain fee every year. To recover this fee and/ or make more (giant) passive income you can list them for rent on Shorten World Domain Marketplace


SHORTEN WORLD is world wide solution to manage links, bio pages for everything you’re promoting. Boost your brand by using thousand premium domain names from our marketplace. If you need further support please just contact us

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