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How to add domain name on SHORTEN WORLD?

At SHORTEN WORLD, all assets are belong to Team. So to add a branded domain name, we just go to Team Management to do it

SHORTEN WORLD => Left menu, under TEAM MANAGEMENT click on All teams

Add domain name on SHORTEN WORLD

Click on Add domain button:

Please be noticed that, you need to add both A record and TXT record at your domain registrar before add domain on SHORTEN WORLD

Domain A record point to our IP server

And TXT record to verify you are owner of this domain

Your domain will be deleted (and all links or bio pages related to this domain) if it's not connected to us

Verify your domain name

After adding successfully you have two options to verify it before using it to do our services like shorten links, make bio page, list it for rent on our marketplace...

  1. Just wait for one hour, our system will verify it automatically
  2. Click on Verify button at Action column, then you can verify them manually anytime

Domain name SSL certificate

There are 3 options to update this ssl certificate:

  1. No SSL which not recommended because of not safe on internet
  2. Your own SSL by thirdparty company like Cloudflare solution, this is free
  3. Using Let's encrypt SSL from google. This option requires you go pro account on us: At least one subscription. Once choose this, we will install it for you automatically. If you have many sub domains please check limit of this SSL here: Rate limit

Using branded domain name

To use this domain at Action column please click on Add domain to teams

You can choose All teams or special one

Domain redirect

We also support Index / Root redirect or 404 redirect if people see your brand and want to check who is that. This option required at least one subscription too

Delete domain

Delete your domain will delete all your own subscription of your teams. This step can not undo

List domain names for rent on SHORTEN WORLD MARKETPLACE

To list your domain on our marketplace where you can generate unlimited passive income, on Left menu click on My domain menu

You can list your domain for rent at here or remove it from the market by only one click

Also you can change price, change minimum/maximum of rental period. This will help you provide customers a trial period

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