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SHORTEN WORLD is world wide solution to manage links, shorten URL, create Link in Bio and generate QR code for everything you’re promoting. Boost your brand by using hundred premium domain names from our marketplace. Of course you can easy generate massive passive income from your unused domain names by list them for rent on us

Tiny URL & Free Link Shortener Platform

Awesome tools to make your links shorter, get free tiny URLs

Optimize and customize each short URL to take advantage of its potential. Set your custom alias (name), use it in affiliate programs, get QR code for printing flyers and much more.

Link in Bio Management Platform

Create and manage mini website with Link in Bio platform

Make your social media profiles work harder. You can curate, organize, and track all your best links, so audiences can discover and engage with more of your content

Domain Name For Rent Platform

Boost your brand by using premium domain names

Hundred premium domain names from our Domain marketplace will support your brand. If you are domainer, you can earn massive money by listing your domains for rent on us

Shorten World Free QR Code Generator, What is QR code?

Free Online QR Code Generator

Are you looking for a way to create a QR code for free? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the best free online QR code generator and guide you through the process of creating a QR code.

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Shorten World - SaaS Platform

SHORTEN WORLD is SaaS platform of intelligent things which makes your business bumps up

  • URL Shortener
    Shorten links and get your tiny URLs easier than ever, combine with many tools: custom short links, powerful analytics, API, UTM builder, QR codes, branded domains, pixel retargeting, link rotation A/B/C, mobile redirects, bots filter, link cloaking, link emoji, custom link preview for Facebook, Twitter, Telegram...
  • Platform of bio pages
    Don't need a website, you can create your own webpage with just few minutes. Built-in analytics included: Day by day analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages and many more.
  • Platform of domain name marketplace
    If you have an unused domain name (short & branded), just list it for rent on SHORTEN WORLD. People will rent it to do shorten link, make bio page and promote their business. A win-win relationship
Shorten World - SaaS Platform

Big Data Analytics with Shorten World

Boost sales using Shorten World's real-time analytics. Instantly access click-through rates for links and bio pages, enabling quick performance assessment. Leverage our analytics tools:

  • Unique click filtering
  • Device, OS, and browser analysis
  • Brand device, language, and location data
  • Bots filter and aggregated insights
Big Data Analytics with Shorten World

E-WALLET on Shorten World

Enjoy effortlessly and securely manage streamlined e-wallet experience with our user-friendly platform, supporting PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoin. E-wallet platform benefits:

  • Secure, easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Low cryptocurrency transaction fees.
  • Instant seller withdrawals.
  • Versatile crypto investment and management.
E-WALLET on Shorten World

Shorten World Team Features

Experience teamwork with SHORTEN WORLD PLATFORM, designed around teams as shops:

  • Default team for each user
    Supporting link shortening, bio page creation, and branded domain addition
  • Multiple teams for diverse activities
  • Separate workspaces, teams, and members for easy organization
  • List domain names for rent
    Each team operates as a shop

Simplify work and organization by leveraging teams as shops within the SHORTEN WORLD PLATFORM.

Shorten World Team Features
Shorten World For Developers

Shorten World For Developers

Efficiently manage tasks with our secure RESTful API and JWT standard:

  • Add, edit, and track link statistics
  • Manage links within your domain
  • Multiple API options based on your subscription
  • Create and manage API keys for application security

Optimize your workflow and maintain security with our versatile API solutions.

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Shorten World - Powerful URL shortener support your brand

Powerful URL shortener support your brand

Shorten World allows to reduce long links from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and websites with authority on the Internet.

Free SEO Backlink from hundred premium domain names on our marketplace or your own domain.

Your shortened URLs can be used in publications, documents, advertisements, affiliate marketing, blogs, forums, instant messages, and other locations. Track statistics for your business and projects by monitoring the number of hits from your URL with the click counter.

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More features shorten link than asked for

Aggregated Analytics

Consolidate data from multiple sources for comprehensive insights into your link performance.

Event Tracking

Monitor user interactions and events to better understand engagement and user behavior.

Robust API

Seamlessly integrate Shorten World with your existing tools and applications through a powerful API.

Branded Domain Names

Create customized, branded links that enhance your brand recognition and trust.

Team Management & Campaign Management

Collaborate efficiently with your team, campaign through streamlined management and access controls.

Detail Click Analytics

Gain in-depth knowledge of click activity, enabling data-driven decisions and targeted marketing strategies.

Bulk Link Management

Manage large link sets: bulk shorten, edit, and delete URLs features streamline your workflow.

Export Links

Export all your shortened links easily with convenient filtering options.

Many Free Domain Names

Not only one domain name, we offer many free domain names to enhance your efficiency.

Link Shortener Integrations

Connect with popular tools and boost your productivity.





Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Facebook Pixels











Integrate your links with third-party applications, enabling them to exchange data like traffic and analytics information.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics











Tracking Pixels

Incorporate your personalized pixel from providers like Facebook and Google Tag Manager, allowing you to monitor events in real-time as they occur.


Receive notifications when users interact with your links through diverse channels such as Slack and webhook services like Zapier.

What Shorten World's customers are saying

I've been using Shorten World for a while now, and it's genuinely helped me manage my links and track their performance.

Shorten World Review - Marketer
Venkatesh Thota Marketer

The customization options for short links provided by Shorten World have made my marketing campaigns much more effective.

Shorten World Review - Web Developer
Dawid Liszewski Web Developer

The Link in Bio Platform on Shorten World is a breeze to use, saving me time and effort.

Shorten World Review - Developer
Christian Bolduc Developer

Shorten World has revolutionized the way we share content online. Its user-friendly interface and reliable service ensure our marketing campaigns are efficient and effective. Tracking the performance of our links has never been easier, thanks to their detailed analytics. Highly recommend!

Shorten World Review - Digital Marketing Manager
James Holden Digital Marketing Manager

As a social media strategist, I'm always looking for tools that streamline our processes and enhance our campaigns. Shorten World's URL shortening service does exactly that. It's not just about making links shorter; it's about making our social media posts cleaner and more engaging. Their analytics are a game-changer for campaign optimization.

Shorten World Review - Social Media Strategist
Lily Chen Social Media Strategist

Shorten World has been a fantastic tool for my content sharing strategy. It's simple, efficient, and, most importantly, reliable. The ability to customize URLs has helped me keep my brand consistent across all platforms. Plus, their customer service is top-notch – always ready to help.

Shorten World Review - Content Creator
Michael Torres Content Creator

In the SEO world, tracking and analytics are everything. Shorten World's service not only helps in creating neat, manageable URLs but also provides in-depth insights that are crucial for our strategy adjustments. Their platform is intuitive and their support team is always there when you need them.

Shorten World Review - SEO Specialist
Sophia Nguyen SEO Specialist

As a startup founder, I appreciate tools that are cost-effective and boost our productivity. Shorten World's URL service has been a great asset for our marketing efforts, helping us track our engagement and reach with minimal effort. It's an essential tool for businesses looking to scale.

Shorten World Review - Startup Founder
Carlos Garcia Startup Founder

Shorten World has enhanced the way we approach online sales. By shortening URLs, we've seen a significant improvement in click-through rates on our promotions. The analytics dashboard is incredibly useful for tracking the success of our links in real-time. It's an invaluable tool for any e-commerce business.

Shorten World Review - E-commerce Manager
Emma Wilson E-commerce Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs should help provide a better understanding of URL shorteners and their usage.

Shorten World is a comprehensive SaaS platform that offers three main services: a Shorten Links Platform, Bio Pages Platform, and Domain Name Marketplace. With Shorten World, you can create custom short links, bio pages, and rent or lease your domain names.
Shorten World provides powerful analytics tools to help you monitor the performance of your short links and bio pages, such as daily performance, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages, and more.
Yes, Shorten World allows you to add your own branded domain names to create custom short links, enhancing your brand visibility and trust.
To rent or list domain names on Shorten World, you need to create a team, which functions as a shop. List your unused, short, and branded domain names for rent, and users can rent them for various purposes, such as shortening links, creating bio pages, or promoting their businesses.
Shorten World uses a RESTful API and JWT (JSON Web Tokens) standard to manage tasks and projects securely and efficiently. Depending on your subscription, you can access multiple APIs for seamless integration and management.
You can create multiple API keys with Shorten World for added security. In case you think a key is exposed or compromised, you can easily deactivate it to ensure continuous protection.
A URL shortener is a web service that converts a long and complex URL into a shorter, more manageable link.
URL shorteners are used to make long URLs more user-friendly, shareable, and to save space when sharing links in text messages, social media, or printed materials.
URL shorteners work by creating a new, shorter URL that redirects to the original, longer URL when clicked. They store the mapping between the short URL and the original URL in their databases.
While most URL shorteners are safe, some can potentially be used to disguise malicious links. It's essential to use reputable services and be cautious when clicking on shortened links from unknown sources.
Many URL shorteners allow you to customize the short link with a keyword or a custom string, making it more memorable and relevant to your content.
Yes, many URL shorteners provide click tracking statistics, including the number of clicks, geographic locations of users, and referral sources. This can be useful for analytics and marketing purposes.
Some URL shorteners may have limitations on the number of links you can create, the duration links remain active, or the use of custom aliases. Check the terms of service for specific limitations.
URL shorteners can help track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, make links more appealing in promotional materials, and improve the user experience by presenting cleaner, more concise links.
Some URL shorteners offer a preview feature that allows users to see the original URL's destination before clicking on the shortened link. This helps users verify the safety and relevance of the link.
Using a URL shortener can sometimes have a minor impact on SEO, as the original URL carries more weight for search engines. However, reputable URL shorteners usually use 301 redirects, which pass link juice to the original URL, mitigating this impact.
Yes, you can create your own URL shortener using open-source software or use built-in shortening services provided by some social media platforms and websites.
The ability to edit or delete a shortened link depends on the specific URL shortening service you're using. Some allow this, while others do not. Check the service's features and policies for details.
It's essential to respect copyright and trademark laws when creating shortened links and to use URL shorteners for legitimate purposes. Avoid using them for spam, fraud, or other unethical activities.
ShortenWorld has earned its reputation as a leading URL shortener thanks to its unwavering reliability, robust security measures, and a comprehensive suite of link management tools. More than just shortening URLs, ShortenWorld offers advanced features like click-through rate analytics and URL branding. Discover ShortenWorld's premium capabilities for maximizing your link management efforts.
Many URL shortening services generate revenue through advertising displayed when a link is clicked, premium memberships offering advanced features, or custom URL services for businesses.
If you've lost a shortened URL and didn't create an account with the URL shortening service, it might be difficult to recover. However, creating an account usually allows you to manage and track your URLs easily.
If a URL shortening service closes, links may no longer work, leading to a "404 Not Found" error for anyone who clicks on the shortened URL. It's crucial to choose reliable services for important links.
Yes, URL shortening is popular in affiliate marketing to tidy up lengthy affiliate links and track the performance of marketing campaigns. However, transparency is important, so users should be aware they're clicking on affiliate links.
Shorten World does support bulk shortening tools of course, allowing users to shorten multiple URLs at once, which is particularly useful for businesses and marketers dealing with large volumes of links.
Yes, many services offer branded short links, where the domain name is customized to match your brand, enhancing brand visibility and trust among users.
Free URL shortening services might limit the number of URLs you can shorten, the tracking and analytics features available to you, or how long your shortened URLs remain active.
Shortened URLs can potentially expose users to privacy risks if they are used to track user behavior without consent. Reputable services have policies in place to protect user privacy and comply with regulations like GDPR.
Alternatives include using QR codes for physical marketing materials or directly using social media platforms' built-in shortening features for sharing links within those platforms.
Shortened URLs can enhance user experience by making links more visually appealing and easier to share, especially on social media platforms where character space is limited.
A 301 redirect is used for permanent URL redirection and can pass link equity to the redirected page, while a 302 redirect is temporary and does not pass on link equity in the same way.
Yes, if a shortened URL is widely shared and linked to online, search engines may index it. However, the SEO value primarily benefits the original URL due to the redirect.
Yes, some advanced URL shortening services offer deep linking capabilities, directing users not just to a website, but to a specific location within a mobile app, if installed.
Yes, shortened URLs can be particularly useful in email marketing to track click rates and engagement, as well as to keep links manageable and aesthetically pleasing within the email content.
Link retargeting allows you to add retargeting pixels to your shortened URLs, enabling you to serve targeted ads to users who have clicked on your links, even if they didn't visit your website.
Yes. Shorten World does support you to specify an expiration date for your shortened URL, after which the link will no longer redirect to the destination URL, useful for time-sensitive content.
Yes, Shorten World allows you to manage links in bulk, including bulk shortening, bulk editing, and bulk deleting. All you need to do is preparing your XLSX, CSV or TXT file with a template downloaded from Link Management page.
Yes, at Shorten World URL Shortener, you can export all your shortened links, with options for filtering to suit your needs: Filter by team, by campaigns, by domain names, by tags...