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Will my links still work if the destination website transitions to HTTPS?

Every web address you encounter on the internet starts with either HTTP or HTTPS. The latter, HTTPS, is considered more secure, and websites often make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS for enhanced safety. While this is great news for your online security, it might impact the performance of your shortened links created with ShortenWorld.

To ensure your short links continue to lead to the correct destination, the website's owner must implement a rule that redirects all traffic to the HTTPS version. The good news is that this kind of redirect is quite common.

Let's illustrate this with an example: Suppose you have a short link, like, which originally pointed to the URL

Now, if the owners of decide to shift to HTTPS, your link should automatically redirect to, but only if the website owners have set up the HTTP-to-HTTPS redirect rule.

It's essential to understand that only the website's owners have control over whether their URLs use HTTP or HTTPS. This isn't something you or ShortenWorld can configure.

In summary, while the transition to HTTPS is a positive step for web security, it's crucial to be aware of how it might affect your shortened links. As long as the website owners have implemented the necessary redirect, your links should work seamlessly.

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