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Why doesn't my link appear correctly when I share it on Facebook?

In general, when you share a shortened link from ShortenWorld on Facebook, it's treated as if you shared the original, long URL. Imagine you've used ShortenWorld to create a concise link to a fantastic blog post and then posted it on Facebook – it should display just like if you had shared the full link.

However, if your links aren't displaying as expected on Facebook, there might be an issue with the webpage you're linking to. First, it's a good idea to double-check that there are no problems with the destination URL itself.

If the destination URL is in tip-top shape and you're still experiencing issues, don't fret. Facebook has a helpful tool called the Facebook Sharing Debugger. This nifty tool can provide you with valuable insights into what's causing the hiccup in your link display.

So, remember, with ShortenWorld, sharing links on Facebook should be a breeze. But if things don't look quite right, don't hesitate to inspect the destination page or turn to the Facebook Sharing Debugger for assistance.

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