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Why does an error message appear when I attempt to log in?

Encountering an error message during your login attempts can result from several factors. Let's delve into some of the possible reasons for this occurrence.

Are you using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

It's quite likely that an error message like "Oops, you've exceeded the allowed login attempts. Please try again later." stems from a VPN-related issue. This occurs due to a rate limit error being triggered, not because you've hit your login threshold, but because the IP addresses/endpoints used by the VPN have garnered significant usage from numerous ShortenWorld users.

To address this situation, here are three recommended courses of action:

  • Switch your VPN's IP addresses/endpoints, if feasible (consult your VPN's help center for guidance).
  • Choose a different VPN service.
  • Deactivate the VPN for the time being.

Are you trying to log in using the correct primary email?

Keep in mind that your account's primary email address is the sole email that can be employed for signing in, even if you've added other email addresses that have been verified. Should you wish to alter the primary email address, you can refer to the resource titled "Changing Your Email Address" for guidance.

Are you entering the correct password?

Make sure that the password you're entering while logging in is indeed the accurate one. In case you need to reset your password, you have the option to request a password reset link through the ShortenWorld login page. A crucial point to bear in mind is that the password reset link will solely be sent to the primary email address registered on the account.

In conclusion, encountering error messages during the login process can result from varied reasons, such as VPN issues, primary email utilization, and password correctness. By following the recommended steps, you can effectively navigate these issues and regain access to your account.

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