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Why do you need to configure two IP addresses for custom domain?

When setting up a custom domain for your online presence, like "shortenworld," you might wonder why there's a need to configure two IP addresses. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind this practice and why it's essential for the smooth operation of your custom domain.

Redundancy for Reliability

The primary purpose of having two IP addresses for your custom domain is to ensure redundancy and reliability. Just like with any technology, things can occasionally go awry. In the event of a technical glitch, server maintenance, or any issue affecting one IP address, the second one serves as a backup.

Uninterrupted Service

    Imagine a scenario where your custom domain's only IP address encounters a problem. This could result in your links becoming inaccessible, causing disruption to your online presence. By configuring two IP addresses, you mitigate this risk. In case one IP address faces an issue, traffic automatically switches to the functioning one, ensuring that your links continue to work seamlessly.

    DNS Configuration Error Prevention

    Another important reason for having two A Records for your custom domain is to prevent DNS configuration errors. It's not uncommon for domain verification problems to occur due to incorrect DNS settings. By having a backup IP address in place, you reduce the chances of such problems affecting your domain's functionality.

    In conclusion, configuring two IP addresses for your custom domain is a prudent practice to safeguard your online presence. It guarantees redundancy, and uninterrupted service, and helps prevent DNS configuration errors. By considering these aspects and adhering to best practices, you can ensure that your custom domain functions smoothly, providing a reliable and professional online experience for your audience.

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