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Why can't I find a link I generated in my account?

There are several potential causes for why you are having difficulty finding a link in your Shortenworld account.

You Have Shortened an Extremely High Number of Links

The most likely reason is that an account has been employed to shorten a very high number of links per month, often exceeding tens of thousands or more. It is not possible to filter or search such a massive number of links, so links produced in these high-volume accounts are not available in Shortenworld through your browser.

All of your links can be accessed via the API - contact your developer or technical support if you are unsure how to do that.

High-Volume Accounts: How to Facilitate Link Discovery

If you need to shorten, copy, or track links from the Shortenworld web application, we recommend having at least two users for your account. You can use one to connect to the API for high-volume shortening, and the other for links you want to shorten, copy, and track individually.

Multiple users are available with an Enterprise subscription. Contact your Customer Success Manager about adding user seats if necessary.

You Have Created Multiple Links to the Same URL

It was previously possible to shorten the same destination link multiple times with a single Shortenworld account (or group for accounts with multiple groups). All links generated to the exact same long URL will function, but you cannot view or track them separately.

The Link Was Not Created in Your Account

It is possible the link was shortened via the shortener on the Shortenworld homepage, or in a different account. If the person who shortened the link has a separate Shortenworld account, try searching there as well.

The Link Was Shortened in a Different Group

If you have multiple groups, ensure you are in the group that was used to shorten the link in question.

You Are Searching for the Incorrect Link

This is surprisingly easy to do! Double check to confirm you are looking for the right link.

Shortening a high volume of links via the API is the most common reason links cannot be found within your Shortenworld account.

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