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What's the character limit for Shortenworld links?

In the realm of URL shortening, Shortenworld emerges as a powerful tool with distinct character limits for various components of its links. Simplifying and enhancing your sharing experience, Shortenworld empowers users to condense lengthy URLs while maintaining professionalism and ease of use.

Understanding Shortenworld's Character Limits for Links

Long URLs

Long URLs, which could be as extensive as 2,048 characters, are effectively transformed by Shortenworld into concise links. This encompasses all punctuation marks, ensuring that even the most complex URLs can be accommodated within this limit. Moreover, whether you're using these links for QR Codes or integrating them into buttons on your Link-in-bio page, the 2,048-character cap remains consistent.

Custom domains

Custom domains offer another dimension to your shortened links. With Shortenworld, your custom domain name can span up to 32 characters, counting the dot. This personalized touch ensures your brand or identity is reflected in the link itself, establishing credibility and recognition.

Short links

When it comes to short links, the back-half customization presents a character limit of 255. Shortenworld provides a range of supported characters that can be utilized in this customization. A visit to the "What characters are supported when customizing links?" section provides clarity on which characters can be incorporated effectively.

In summary, Shortenworld's character limits enable users to wield the full potential of succinct and engaging links. From the comprehensive transformation of long URLs to the finesse of custom domains and back-half customization, Shortenworld fosters seamless sharing within these defined parameters. Experience the convenience of conveying extensive information while maintaining a professional and user-friendly approach with Shortenworld's well-defined character limits.

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