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What is percent encoding and how does Shortenworld normalize URLs?

Percent encoding refers to the process in which characters within a URL are transformed into a concise three-character sequence initiated by a percent symbol. This conversion is widespread for characters such as punctuation marks. For instance, an exclamation point (!) within a URL might undergo transformation into %21.

Shortenworld offers a URL-shortening service. Submitting a URL to Shortenworld might arrive in a percent-encoded format. However, Shortenworld undertakes the task of normalizing most percent-encoded characters by reverting them to their original state. For illustrative purposes:

Original Submitted URL:

Normalized URL within Shortenworld:

Despite their differing appearances, the normalized version aligns with the percent-encoded counterpart, effectively representing the same web address.

When utilizing the Shortenworld API, it's important to be aware of potential complications if your server anticipates a percent-encoded URL. Shortenworld will not return an encoded URL in such cases. To navigate around this, we suggest configuring your integration to function seamlessly with normalized URLs.

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