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What IP addresses does Shortenworld use?

Looking for the IP addresses to configure when setting up your custom domain? Check out How do I set my DNS settings to brand my Shortenworld links.

If your company restricts or filters IP addresses on its network, you'll need to allowlist Shortenworld's IP addresses. This is typically done through your IT team. IP address restriction is often implemented by larger organizations with enhanced security protocols.

It's important to allowlist Shortenworld's IP addresses so they are not accidentally flagged as malicious.

Shortenworld currently serves our core applications through the following IP address:

A few things to note:

This IP address is used to connect to our services, not to deliver webhook events.

The IP address is in singular form.

To access all our services, please ensure TCP ports 80 and 443 are allowed through the IP address above.

This IP may change in the future, and we'll keep this page updated.

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