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What Happens to My Links When I Change My Custom Domain?

If you're considering changing your custom domain with ShortenWorld, it's essential to understand the implications for your existing links. In this article, we'll explore what happens when you make this transition, whether you have your own domain or received a complimentary one through ShortenWorld.

Your Own Custom Domain

If you obtained your custom domain from a domain provider like GoDaddy and decide to change it, there are a few key points to consider:

SSL Certificate: ShortenWorld provides an SSL certificate for any domain verified within our platform. When you change or remove your custom domain, we won't renew the SSL certificate when it expires.

Link Continuity: Your existing links will continue to function as long as the DNS settings for your previous domain still point to ShortenWorld's IP addresses. However, users might receive a warning that the link leads to a non-secure website.

Link Modifications: Once you remove the domain, you won't have the ability to redirect or modify the links associated with it.

Complimentary Domain

If you received a complimentary domain from ShortenWorld and decide to change your custom domain, here's what you need to know:

Domain Renewal: ShortenWorld will not renew your complimentary domain with the DNS host if you decide to change it.

Link Lifespan: Your links will continue to work until the domain registration expires. This typically occurs one year after you received the domain or one year after its most recent renewal. After this point, your links will cease to function.

In summary, changing your custom domain in ShortenWorld has varying implications based on whether you have your own domain or a complimentary one. It's essential to plan this transition carefully and ensure that your DNS settings align with your new domain to maintain link functionality. Keep in mind that once a domain is removed or changed, certain link management options may no longer be available, so it's wise to make these decisions with your long-term online strategy in mind.

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