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What are the available TLDs for my included custom domain?

Exploring Complimentary Domains for Your Shortenworld Links

When it comes to using Shortenworld to shorten your URLs, you have the option to choose a complimentary domain provided by Shortenworld itself, instead of purchasing a custom domain separately. This feature is available with certain paid plans, and it comes with a selection of top-level domains (TLDs) for you to choose from.

These are some common top-level domains (TLDs) you can use for free when upgrading your Shortenworld plan:

These TLDs are carefully selected to provide you with a valuable range of options, and here's why Shortenworld has chosen to offer these specific ones:

  1. Value Up to $30: Shortenworld offers domains with a value of up to $30, giving you access to domains that can enhance your link branding without incurring extra costs.
  2. Avoiding Country-Specific Restrictions: SW avoids offering domains that are commonly associated with specific countries or governments. Many of these domains have restrictions and may require verification of residence. For example, to use the ".nyc" domain, you would need to provide an NYC business address as verification.

If you wish to use a TLD other than those listed above, you have the option to acquire it through a domain provider like GoDaddy. Shortenworld even provides a list of common domain providers to assist you in this process.

As you make your selection and set up a custom domain, keep the following considerations in mind:

Different from Your Website Domain: Ensure that the domain you choose for your shortened links is different from your website domain.

Length Limit: Your selected domain cannot exceed 32 characters in total, including the dot.

Shortenworld's Complimentary Domain: If you haven't obtained a domain yet, some of Shortenworld's premium plans offer the convenience of using their complimentary domain, making it a cost-effective and straightforward choice.

In conclusion, Shortenworld provides a diverse range of TLDs for you to use with your shortened links, empowering you to enhance your branding and improve link visibility. Whether you opt for Shortenworld's complimentary domain or decide to purchase a custom one, you have the flexibility to tailor your links to suit your specific needs.

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