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Using Your Website's Domain with ShortenWorld: What You Need to Know

One common question that arises when setting up custom domains in ShortenWorld is whether you can use your website's domain as your custom domain. This article aims to clarify this important aspect and explore alternative solutions.

Can You Use Your Website's Domain?

The short answer is no. If your website is already using a domain, it cannot simultaneously be used to direct your ShortenWorld links. Domains work like signposts on the internet, and one domain cannot point securely to two different destinations at the same time.

Exploring Alternatives

While using your website's domain for ShortenWorld links may not be an option, there are several alternatives you can consider:

  1. Subdomain: You can set up a subdomain of your website's domain for ShortenWorld. For example, if your website is "," you can create a subdomain like "" to use with ShortenWorld. This allows you to maintain a connection with your main website while keeping your shortened links separate.
  2. Different Domain: Alternatively, you can purchase a different domain specifically for your ShortenWorld links. This provides a clean and distinct identity for your shortened URLs while preserving your website's domain exclusively for your website content.
  3. Complimentary Domain: Depending on your ShortenWorld plan, you may have access to complimentary domains. These are domains provided as part of your subscription and can be an excellent option if you want a custom domain without the additional cost.

In conclusion, while you cannot use your website's domain for ShortenWorld links, there are practical alternatives to achieve a cohesive online presence. Whether it's through a subdomain, a separate domain, or a complimentary domain from your ShortenWorld plan, you can create custom links that align with your brand while keeping your website's domain dedicated to its primary purpose. This approach ensures clarity and efficiency in directing your online traffic.

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