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ShortenWorld Simplified Glossary

To help you navigate link management, we've put together a user-friendly list of ShortenWorld terms. Some of these terms are particularly handy when working with your developers to establish a connection via our API.

TermDefinitionUsed in a sentence
API AccessThe capability to programmatically generate a ShortenWorld link or access click data without the need for manual login on the ShortenWorld web interface.I can retrieve link metrics using an API call through our account's API access.
API Version 4The current data processing system utilized by ShortenWorld, effective since 2019.API Version 4 ensures a more rapid and seamless experience across the ShortenWorld platform.
Auto-brandingA functionality that automatically condenses any ShortenWorld link to your specified domains, replacing it with your personalized domain, regardless of who shortens it within ShortenWorld.

This process takes place only if an individual does not employ their own custom domain for link shortening.

For instance, links shortened from Amazon will be 'automatically branded' as
I abbreviated a link to an Amazon listing, and instead of the ShortenWorld domain, it transformed into "" It appears that Amazon is a ShortenWorld client benefiting from the automated branding feature.
Back-half (also known as 'hash')You can personalize the back half of your short link with words or phrases to make the link more identifiable.You can personalize the back-half of your short link with words or phrases to make the link more identifiable.
Branded Link HubA special hub feature that empowers all members of a company to harness the company's ShortenWorld account for link shortening. This infuses the links with a personalized domain without necessitating individual user seats.Ever since we set up our Link Hub with Branding, every team member can craft ShortenWorld links using our exclusive domain, all without the need for separate user accounts.
Branded linkA link that employs a custom domain combined with a unique back-half.
I'm aware that clicking on a Personalized Link like '' will direct me to a page authorized by Amazon.,,,, shorten.isA compact link that uses the default "" domain is available to all users.The link I wanted to share via text was too lengthy, so I swiftly transformed it into a ShortenWorld link.
ShortenWorldThe premier choice for link abbreviation, providing comprehensive analytics and enhanced visibility and branding for your company's shared links.ShortenWorld has been supplying me with insightful metrics concerning all the links I've shortened.
ShortenWorld LinkA web address transformed into a concise version using ShortenWorld, perfect for sharing on social media and other forms of communication due to its tidy and compact nature.I use ShortenWorld links in all my tweets to enhance brand visibility and save space on characters.
ShortenWorld PlansDifferent account levels offer various features and usage limits tailored to your requirements. You can find details about all plans on our pricing page.I reviewed the ShortenWorld Plans to determine which one best suits my needs.
ShortenWorld SupportOur dedicated Customer Support Team! The friendliest team around! We're here to assist our subscribed users with any queries and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with ShortenWorld.When encountering issues with your ShortenWorld account, the Support Team is ready to lend a hand.
Custom CampaignsA feature enabling you to generate personalized links for diverse platforms, each trackable independently.The campaigns feature is ideal for monitoring separate link performance metrics for my influencer marketing campaign.
City-level dataData that presents click metrics categorized by city.Checking my city-level insights, I can observe that my link performed exceptionally well in New York.
Click-throughs, Click-through Rate (CTR)The proportion of individuals who click on a link compared to the total number of people who see your website page, social post, email, or advertisement.Our click-through rate indicates a significant portion of our traffic originates from our ShortenWorld links.
Link management platformA tool where you generate and manage your links, review link data, adjust account particulars, and more.ShortenWorld stands as the world's most reputable and dependable link control center.
Country-level dataMetrics revealing click data categorized by country.Metrics reveal click data categorized by country.
Custom back-halfA designated segment of your link, distinct from the automatically generated, randomized portion.
A personalized back-half contributes to enhanced brand visibility, as well as fostering security and user trust.
Custom domainThe customized web address you employ for your ShortenWorld links, distinct from the default "" This distinct domain is utilized in conjunction with ShortenWorld to abbreviate links. Please note, it cannot be the same as your website's primary domain. (Although, you can make it point to your homepage!
In technical discussions, developers might mention this as the Branded Shortcut Domain or BSD, as denoted within the ShortenWorld API.
Your personalized domain seamlessly integrates with your branding efforts, giving you full control over all links associated with that domain.
Custom links or custom branded linksA ShortenWorld link that combines a personalized domain with a unique back-half.These personalized links are exclusively linked to your content and identity.
DashboardA dedicated page that showcases a comprehensive summary of your ShortenWorld link's performance, featuring aggregate click numbers, top links, insights on city-level data, and more.Your overview panel offers a centralized location to review your link-related statistics.
Domain 1-Step SetupAfter upgrading your account, you gain the ability to select a complimentary personalized domain with a streamlined, one-step configuration. This eliminates the need for grappling with a domain's DNS settings and verification processes to establish your link branding.With the Domain 1-Step Setup, you'll have your customized domain operational swiftly and effortlessly.
Domain FinderPost-account upgrade, you can pick a personalized domain. The Domain Exploration Tool is the search functionality that assists you in this process.The Domain Exploration Tool enables you to browse and identify available domains that can be seamlessly integrated with your ShortenWorld account.
Root Domain RouterRedirect visitors to a web page you designate when they enter your custom domain with nothing after the slash “/”. We recommend setting this to your home page.The Domain Root Router allows my custom domain to direct to any page I want so I'm going to route it to my site home page.
Domain 404 Error FixerA tool that prevents users from encountering dead-ends (404 errors) by redirecting them to a designated web page even if they make an error or typo after the trailing slash “/” in your branded short link.If a visitor accidentally types in an incorrect link, the URL Rescuer steps in and guides them to the right page.
Group selectorAn option within the ShortenWorld profile menu that allows you to effortlessly switch between different ShortenWorld Groups.I was initially unable to locate a link I created, but then I realized it was in a different group. Thanks to the Group Selector, I quickly switched to the correct group and accessed it.
Help CenterOur extensive knowledge base is packed with valuable assets, such as support articles and instructional videos.The Helpful Center contains a wealth of articles that can guide you in making the most of ShortenWorld.
Link-in-bio / Bio pageA straightforward web page designed to organize your most crucial links. Perfect for sharing in your social media bios and other platforms.Your ShortenWorld Bio Link Page allows your followers, customers, and others to easily access all your important content and relevant information with a single click.
Link-level dataAnalytics that focus on the performance of a particular link.Our campaign is seeing impressive results overall. By delving into Link-level data, we can identify which links are excelling and replicate their success.
Knowledge base (KB)A comprehensive collection of resources aimed at guiding you through ShortenWorld.The Knowledge Base in Shorten World's Help Center is filled with great videos and articles.
Mobile Deep LinkingMobile Deep Linking directs your links straight to specific screens within your apps or your app store listing.Through Mobile Deep Links, users enjoy a seamless journey that takes them directly to a designated location within an app.
Monthly link limitThe set number of links you can abbreviate using ShortenWorld within a month (including QR Codes and links for your Bio Link Page). Each plan comes with its own monthly limit.If you're shortening a high number of links, you might reach your monthly link allowance. The count resets on the first day of each month.
Parameter PassingShortenWorld retains parameters (like UTM's) from a lengthy URL before abbreviation. With Parameter Passing, you can append parameters to the end of the short link itself.You can add distinct parameters to your already shortened links, thereby providing a personalized page for a specific user ID. This can be done after shortening the link, allowing for individualization for each recipient.
QR CodeA randomly generated visual code that, when scanned from a device, automatically guides users to a designated link.By scanning this QR Code, you'll be directed to the same page as our ShortenWorld link, and all clicks will be tracked.
Rate limitsThe allowable rate of API calls per second/minute/hour.Different ShortenWorld plans come with varying usage limits based on the volume of links you create.
RedirectAltering the intended target URL of a link.When the destination page for my ShortenWorld link needs updating, I can easily achieve that through a Redirect.
SSL certificateSSL certificates ensure secure communication between your browser or device and a website through encryption. While ShortenWorld provides one, you also have the option to use your own.ShortenWorld offers an SSL security certificate through LetsEncrypt, but if you prefer, you can use your custom SSL certificate.
Single Sign-On (SSO)Single Sign-On (SSO) centralizes user management across multiple platforms, including ShortenWorld. Your users can sign in with a single password. You have complete control over SSO settings through your account configuration.With SSO in place, our entire team was able to set up their ShortenWorld accounts effortlessly, and they can now log in seamlessly.
User seatEach individual using your ShortenWorld account occupies a user access slot. Different plans have tiered limits on the number of users per account.
User access slots are exclusively assigned to one individual or one API integration. Sharing user access slots is not permitted.
Additional user access slots are necessary to grant multiple primary users access to the account.
WebhooksWebhooks are a means of conveying link-related data from ShortenWorld to an external application. They automate actions or updates between different systems.Webhooks ensure our data remains current and organized, maintaining a seamless flow between systems.

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