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How to create a new shortened link?

SHORTEN WORLD provides Link Management Platform for free World Wide. So even not as member you still make a shortened link on our platform at the home page. But it is one domain only, it is (our default domain name for all)

After as our member (just register only) you can use many more domain name for free too like:,,, and chance to rent many other domains for free at our Domain For Rent Marketplace


After login we can choose many things:

By click on Links under LINK MANAGEMENT section:


You can play our power shorten link tool at there: Copy, QR code, edit link, share to facebook twitter, custom UTM, mobile device redirects, Location redirect: Continent, country, state, city, Setup expired link redirection, Set a password, Add tracker tool (pixel), Test A/B upto 100 targets...

Some pro features require at least one subscription to use

Link analytics on SHORTEN WORLD

To see all traffic of the link please click on: View analytics detail button


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