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Can Shortenworld Handle Emoji Domains?

For those looking to use Shortenworld for URL shortening, you may wonder if emoji domains are supported. Emoji domains can add a fun and unique touch to your links, but it's important to know how Shortenworld handles them.

Here's what you need to know:

Support with Certain Paid Plans:

The capability to use emoji domains with Shortenworld is available with specific premium plans. This feature allows you to incorporate emojis into your shortened URLs, adding a touch of creativity to your links.

Limitations on Custom Domains:

It's essential to note that emoji domains cannot be used as your custom domain or in a custom back-half of your shortened links. Shortenworld retains these limitations to ensure smooth functionality.

Emoji Translation to Punycode:

When you attempt to shorten a website with an emoji domain, Shortenworld will automatically translate the emoji into Punycode. Punycode is a standard representation for internationalized domain names, allowing them to work seamlessly across different systems and browsers.

For example, if you try to shorten a link with the emoji domain "i❤️," Shortenworld will display it as "" in the destination field on the link-shortening page. This is also how it will appear on your Links page within your Shortenworld account.

While emoji domains can be a playful addition to your links, it's important to consider their compatibility with different platforms and browsers. Some systems may not display emoji domains correctly, which is why Shortenworld converts them to Punycode for reliable and consistent link functionality.

In summary, emoji domains cannot be used as custom domains, and Shortenworld automatically translates them into Punycode to ensure compatibility and consistent link functionality across various platforms and systems.

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